Viña Errázuriz

Viña Errázuriz was founded in 1870 by Don Maximano Errázuriz Valdivieso. The Errázuriz family has an important role in the history of Chile, producing four Chilean presidents and two red cardinals. Over a century ago, the family also controlled 30% of the world's copper production and had the largest vineyard in the world.

Eduardo Chadwick, the fifth generation of the Errázuriz family, is committed to producing world-class wines that reflect the terroir and the quality of the grapes. Eduardo is also an expert in oenology and his expertise plays a key role in the modernization of the winery.

To eliminate the world's prejudice against Chilean wines, Viña Errázuriz has held 22 blind tastings in 18 countries in the past 10 years. More than 1,400 world-class wine experts were invited to taste top wines from Viña Errázuriz alongside with first growth Bordeaux and some very best Super Tuscans. In 19 of those blind tastings, Errázuriz’s top wines were rated among the top three. Such achievement not only shocked the wine world, but also brought Chilean wines on par with some of the world class fine wines.

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