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Kalin Cellars

“Unbelievable wines from an eccentric genius” is how Robert Parker describes the output of Kalin Cellars. Like many who have tasted these libations, Parker is a confirmed “Kalinite.” Beyond a boutique, Kalin Cellars almost qualifies as cult status. Why, “almost?” Because Kalin Cellars is a cult winery in just about every way but price.

The Leightons make their wines by hand, and very slowly. The fermentation in small “cuves” may last for months - even up to a year. The wines are aged in small, (usually new) French oak barrels and bottled without fining or filtration.


The bottles are not released for sale until they’ve been aged for five, ten or more years. The Leighton’s goal is for their wines to be enjoyed in a state of perfect maturity, which, to them, means having developed the flavor of umami. Also known as the elusive “fifth taste,” umami is that mouthwatering, pleasant savory flavor found in soy sauce, cured meats, mushrooms, cheeses, or even vegetables that are at a peak of perfection. Great wines may develop that elusive flavor of umami, but it requires careful winemaking and deliberate aging. Commercial wines made for early release won’t have it. Tasting a Kalin Cellars wine may not make you a Kalinite, but you should be convinced that California can produce wine with the sophistication, elegance and subtle greatness of a French grand cru.

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