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Tiansai Vineyards

This stunning looking estate sits at 3800 feet between the foothills of the Tianshan Mountains and a lake on the edge of the Gobi Desert. The lake helps drip irrigate the vines making an oasis of vines in the wild desolate landscape. The winery was founded in 2010 and the winemaking is overseen by Lilian Carter who was previously one of Pernod Ricard's winemakers, the wines are certainly impressive and this well packaged, with an eye catching, cute but attractive label.

Grace Vineyards

In 1997, with the assistance of the renowned French wine scholar, Dr. Denis Boubals, a location in Taigu County,, Shanxi, was selected – that is today’s Grace Vineyard and is now one of China’s most highly regarded wine producers in terms of quality.

Taigu has Bordeaux-like draining soils, which was ideal for growing vines.  Moreover, Taigu is located in the central basin of Shanxi, far from the northern and southern areas where the mining industries are concentrated. The clean air and natural surroundings combined with the sandy soil quality made it the perfect location for growing vines; and the decision has been proven correct through our high-quality wine products.

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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business


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