Arianna Occhipinti Vino di CONTRADA BB 2017

Occhipinti Vino di Contrada Bombolieri is an organic single-variety Frappato red wine, made by Arianna Occhipinti, in Sicily, Italy.

Occhipinti Vino di Contrada Bombolieri is one of the three wines in the Vino di Contrada series, three interpretations of the Frappato variety. These are wines that come from single plots, in this case, from the Bombolieri contrada, which is located in a raised area with a view of the Serra San Bartolo and has highly calcareous soils that range from brown to white in colour. Of the three “contrade”, this is the one with the finest surface layer of sand, with only 25 centimetres. Just below lie solid limestone rocks. This area produces floral, frank and highly acidic wines.

The grapes used to make Occhipinti Vino di Contrada Bombolieri are harvested manually and fermented in stainless steel tanks with their native yeasts. The resulting wine ages for 22 months in 600-litre barrels. It is bottled without clarifying or filtering and rests for a short time in the winery before being released.

Of the three “contrade” wines, Bombolieri is the most dense and dark with the most intense aromas.



Bombolieri:Here we are situated on a point with high limestone content in the soil, facing the Serra San Bartolo. Here the lands can vary from colours of deep chestnut to white, but the surface’s layer of sand is decisively lower: only 25 cm. Just below this thin layer you will nd solid limestone. In a part of this contrada you will nd more clay-limestone soil, visibly different with more of a presence of white on its surface. It’s here, in the Vigna Strada that this wine is born, oral and straightforward, with highly persistent acidity.

BB. 2700 bottles produced.

Arianna Occhipinti Vino di CONTRADA BB 2017

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