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Domaine Philippe Bornard Les Chassagnes 2016 (Savagnin Ouillé)

A very rare little haul of 2016 Savagnin from sought-after Jura producer Philippe Bornard, his penultimate vintage before retirement. The fruit comes from the lieu-dit of Les Chassagnes, a tiny vineyard plot that gives the wine its name, close to the iconic village of Pupillin. The wine is aged in old barrels before bottling, but in the ouillé style, meaning that it is kept topped-up to prevent oxidation, or a flor forming on the surface of the wine. Savagnin always has a bit more edge over the other commonly-used grape of the area, Chardonnay. The acidity cuts nicely, and the fruit has notes of almond and salt layered over pithy citrus. Bornard has always been a buy-on-sight producer, so we’re very pleased to be able to offer a few bottles of his wonderful wine.


Philippe Bornard lives in the village of Pupillin near Arbois and the Swiss border. His vineyards were inherited from his father, who previously sold only to co-ops. It was Pierre Overnoy, another Arbois winemaker, who eventually convinced Philippe to begin to make his own wine, and now, with over 27 years of experience under his belt, he is working with nearly 6 hectares of 30-year old vines, and farms exclusively biodynamically - officially certified in 2012. The grapes are grown at high altitudes, on limestone and clay soils, allowing a slow ripening. Typically the wine begins a long, slow maceration in fiberglass, and then is moved to large older oak barrels for maturation, which lasts about one year. Wines are of two appellations: Côtes du Jura and Arbois-Pupillin, and reflect beautifully the terroir of the Jura. You’ll agree from the first sip, we’re sure.

Domaine Philippe Bornard Les Chassagnes 2016 (Savagnin Ouillé)

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