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Els Jelipins Rusk 2020

Quoting from Jenny & Francois: 


Els Jelipins is “a name with feeling, without meaning, magical and strong”

Sumoll, the grape that all their wines are based on, is a native variety of Penedès; it is drought-resistant, naturally low-yielding, and rather difficult to grow. Once widely planted throughout Catalonia, it was replaced by other varieties in the 1980s, nearly leading to its extinction (with less than one hundred hectares planted in 2013). Thanks to winemakers like Glòria, who appreciates its unique beauty and mineral notes, this trend has changed recently, as growers are starting to recover this variety.


The grapes are hand-picked and partially destemmed, partially left whole. They undergo 3 months of gentle extraction and then age 1 year in big old barrels. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, no SO2 added.

fresh, Poised, pure energy!

Els Jelipins Rusk 2020

  • Spain

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