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Strekov 1075 Nigori 2018

After the bunches were de-stemmed and pressed, the juice was transferred to 300l ,partly new, Zemplén oak barrels, where it aged on the lees for 2 years. Has been bottled unfiltered, with fine lees, without the addition of SO2. The wine is cloudy ('Nigori')  because of the sediment. Unusual type of wine in which the sediment and the aging in new barrels highlights the terroir taste. It is advised to shake the wine before tasting.


Fresh and alive with minerality, balanced acidity and full of flavours of pears and almonds. 


Zsolt Sütő started to work on 12 hectares of land near the village of Strekov in Slovakia in 2002. 7 years later he converted his plots to sustainable farming. The region has a microclimate that allows a long ripening season as the temperature is moderated by the Danube river. Clay-loam soils. The vines are trained into bush vines which mean yields are kept very low with extremely good quality. 


The winery name contains the date of the first written notation of the village of Strekov. This is a symbolic expression of loyalty to tradition, nature and values ​​in grape growing and Strekov’s wine making. 


All 12 hectares of vineyards growing indigienous varieties in an ecologically responsible manner. 5 ha of the vineyards are planted on wooden poles. All the work in the vineyards is done by hand. In the cellar, the wines ferment spontaneously in barrels and open vats without any intervention. 

Only 400 bottles produced.

Strekov 1075 Nigori 2018

  • Slovakia

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