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Alexandre Bain L d'Ange 2016

Alexandre Bain, a young vigneron located since 2007 in Tracy-sur-Loire, is a member of the French natural wine association AVN. The estate is composed of 11 hectares, 100% Sauvignon – as you may have guessed, we’re in Pouilly-Fumé. But here there are at least two different soil types: Portlandian-era limestone (135 million years old) covering 8 hectares, with little to no arable soil, an abundance of stones, which bring round, full flavours, and a great deal of sunshine. This is the type of soil that gives us the cuvées Pierre Précieuse and Terre d'Obus. The other soil is Kimmeridgian era limestone (marl with little oysters - 140 million years old), more rich and loamy, but more difficult to work, and which brings more structure, length and finesse to the wine. This is where the cuvée Mademoiselle M. is born, a wine with zero sulphur added. In terms of vinification, there’s no technological or oenological interference, the yeasts are indigenous, no enzymes are added. The wines are not fined. The first mentioned cuvées received a minute quantity of sulphur at bottling. What results are clean, razor-sharp, highly expressive, very rich, gourmand wines. A free expression of place and life.


L d'Ange is a ripe, crisp, complex Sauvignon, with delicate notes of white flowers and hawthorn. An intense wine, more characteristic of Pouilly than his others. With a fruity, saline, mineralesque finish. Some gas may remain in the bottle.

Alexandre Bain L d'Ange 2016

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  • France

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