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About Wine Guru


Noun   gʊr.uː

informal: a person skilled in something who gives advice.


Wine Guru is a Hong Kong based online wine retailer formed by some local wine lovers in 2019. The wine world is immense. We named our company wine guru not because we want to boast how profound our knowledge in wine is, but to invite our friends and customers to join our journey in becoming a wine guru.


We believe everyone can become a wine guru, and a wine guru’s love for wine should not be confined to certain countries or regions. Therefore we have cherry picked a wide variety of wine from all over the world which we believe will match different palates. We will continue to source quality wine for our dear friends and customers at an affordable price.

Our mission is to become your daily wine guru and your one stop wine shop for all occasions, from casual meals to formal events such as wedding banquets. For further enquiry or bulk purchase, please contact us at

For trade enquiry, please visit here or contact .

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