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Longavi, Glup Chenin Blanc 2021

This wine is a collaboration between two winemakers – Julio Bouchon of Chile and David Nieuwoudt of South Africa. Longaví, meaning ‘snake’s head’, draws on the spirit and legends of two continents. The vine wreath depicted in the logo, denotes the ourobos, an ancient African symbol representing nature’s eternal cycle of renewal. The condor soaring high above the Andes represents freedom and the search for perfection. This sacred bird is believed to be man’s messenger to the gods. Longaví wines will certainly please both man and the gods!


From premium selected vineyard in the Valley of Maule. A true expression terroir with a breathtaking intensity and richness. Once the fermentation is finished, the wine remains with the skins for 1 month

Longavi, Glup Chenin Blanc 2021

  • Chile

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