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Grace Wine of Japan

If you like sancerre, you will love koshu. Wine Guru is pleased to introduce to you Grace Wine, a family-owned winery in Yamanashi, Japan that produces wines (mainly white) from Koshu. Koshu is Japan's native grape variety. As a pioneer in Japanese winemaking, Grace Wine has received numerous Decanter Awards for the excellence and elegance of its wines.​

Grace wines are well known around the world and the winemaker, Ayana Misawa  speaks perfect English, studied winemaking in Bordeaux and has worked the vintage at various wineries outside Japan, including three in Australia: Brokenwood (tastings), Woodlands (tasting) and Hardy’s (tasting).

Her speciality is the native Japanese white grape koshu, which makes an extremely delicate, subtle dry wine. Indeed, it is so delicate that it invites comparison with Japan’s more famous alcoholic drink, sake. As with sake – it’s often said – the most prized attributes are lightness, refinement and subtlety.

They try to make wine in a way as natural as possible and strive to bring out the natural balance in the wine with their enthusiasm not to lose grapes in the process of fermentation and storage.

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