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Andreas Tscheppe Stag Beetle Macerated 2017

Andreas Tscheppe Stag Beetle is an orange wine made from the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay varieties in the D.O. Weinland Österreich (Austria).

Andreas Tscheppe Stag Beetle comes from vines aged between 7 and 35 years old planted in limestone soil at 500 metres above sea level. These vines are cultivated using biodynamic principles (certified by Bio Garantie) surrounded by a wonderful world of insects, wild herbs and bare stones that help maintain the natural balance of the strain. The harvest is carried out manually at the optimum moment of ripeness.

Once the Andreas Tscheppe Stag Beetle grape reaches the winery, the whole bunches are placed in 10-19 year old 600-litre barrels. Spontaneous fermentation then takes place with native yeasts and a 5-week skin-contact maceration. The wine is racked twice and kept in these same barrels for 18 months. It is finally bottled without being filtered or adding sulphur.

Andreas Tscheppe Stag Beetle is the first orange wine from this Austrian winery and is characterised by the use of biodynamic processes in both the vineyard and the winery. The result is a pure, fragrant and energetic wine.

Andreas Tscheppe Stag Beetle Macerated 2017

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  • Austria

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