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Chateau Barouillet Monbazar 2019 (Sweet)

Residual sugar: 40g/l


Its color surprises, it looks like that of a 20-year-old wine, golden almost amber. The long and slow fermentation of this sweet wine gives it a nose that combines honey, wax, candied fruit, as well as fresher aromas such as white flowers. The wine is ample, silky, round but retains an acidity which gives it lightness, a guarantee of the beautiful compromise between fat, sugar and finesse. The aging potential is immense, our sweet wines can be drunk young, on the freshness and crunch of the fruit, or older, 15-20 years on more complex and concentrated evolving aromas.


At a temperature of 7-8°C, it is eaten as an aperitif, with foie gras, with meat such as veal blanquette or lamb tagines or sweet/salty dishes such as pork with caramel or duck with orange. At the end of a meal, it goes very well with blue cheese or fresh goat's cheese. For dessert, nothing beats a fruit tart with tangy notes.


Selection of our most beautiful and high limestone hillsides. Harvested only from 100% botrytised grapes. Long pressing (5 hour cycles). Fermentation carried out only thanks to the yeasts naturally present on our grapes (indigenous yeasts). Fermentation for 12 months according to the seasons. The alcohol/sugar balance is found naturally, so there is no mutage. We carry out only a light filtration before bottling.


This wine does not benefit from the AOP Monbazillac because it takes 12° of alcohol to claim it. As the wines naturally stop at 10.5°, they have been downgraded to French wines.

Chateau Barouillet Monbazar 2019 (Sweet)

  • France

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