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Eduardo Torres Pirrera, IGT Terre Siciliane 2016

15 days film maceration, alcoholic fermentation with autochthonous yeasts in concrete tanks without temperature control. A biodynamic red wine that is fresh, deep and complex. The wine can be consumed as soon as it goes on the market, but may also be stored for over a decade.


The production is unavoidably miniscule, smaller even than the parcel size would suggest, due to the naturally low yields of these old-timers as well as to holes where they have died or stopped producing.


Eduardo Torres Acosta, a young winemaker from the Canary Islands, first began working with vines in Tenerife where his father (a local postman) had a small plot of land. In 2012 Eduardo moved to Sicily, where he interned at Azienda Arianna Occhipinti.


Up until the 2017 vintage, the grapes were harvested and then transported to Arianna Occhipinti’s estate in Vittoria. Since the winemaking facility was not on Etna, the wines were not allowed DOC status and simply carried the IGT Terre Siciliane designation. In 2018, Eduardo was able to convert a small Etna garage into a winery but has decided to keep the wines IGT.

Eduardo Torres Pirrera, IGT Terre Siciliane 2016

  • Italy

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