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Franz Haas Pinot Nero (Schweizer) DOC Alto Adige 2018

The Pinot Nero Schweizer has a ruby red color that varies from light to heavy depending on the vintage. Its bouquet seduces with complex and stratified aromas of fruit, such as ripe berries and cherries, spicy notes of pepper and leather. These aromas and sensations are also reflected on the palate. In the mouth, the wine thrills for its captivating tannins, its elegance and subtlety, and for its harmonious texture and body, which give this wine a very long life.


The Pinot Nero Schweizer is the perfect match for game, such as pheasant and duck, for wild rabbit, red meat and seasoned cheeses.

Franz Haas Pinot Nero (Schweizer) DOC Alto Adige 2018

  • Italy
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