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Grace Wine Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2019


Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu is a flagship wine limited in Koshu made by Chuo Budoshu Co owner Shigekazu Misawa with utmost and thorough care including the cultivation of grapes. We have cultivated Koshu grapes in our captive vineyard in Akeno by using the high-ridge hedging system. From the well ripen grapes, Koshu’s new potential, a wine with deep taste was born.


Limpid, bright, light yellow with a beige tinge. Fruit aromas of apple, pear and kiwi, herbal aromas of fennel, thyme, floral aroma of jasmine, minerality reminiscent of sea shells, all giving an impression of complexity. Smooth attack with precision. Dry with firm acidity. Ripe fruit flavours and minerality expand generously on the palate, together with smokiness and an enjoyable long finish.


As seen in 《神之水滴》亞樹直老師親選 2019日本十二使徒葡萄酒

Decanter Gold Medal, 98:

A pristine, gentle wine with elegant floral scent, crisp apple and bright acidity. A delicate style; great accompaniment to shellfish, this is a fine example which will appeal to all white wine lovers.

Grace Wine Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2019

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  • Japan

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