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Montevetrano is a Colli di Salerno IGT red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Aglianico. The grapes are grown and the wine now produced just a few miles outside Salerno, at Silvia Imparato's Montevetrano estate in San Cipriano Picentino.


Produced from local grapes, Montevetrano is vinified and bottled on the estate ensuring full control throughout the productive cycle. The soil is skeleton-rich, of a medium texture composition. Thanks to a careful and observant production process, the wine continues to mature in bottles for ten to fifteen years. From our experience in tasting antique wines, the forecasts, and expert opinions on the various years, there is always talk of a long shelf life.


A strongly persistent wine, it benefits both from its coastal location and mild climate, in a vineyard protected by the Picentini Mountain peaks. With its distinguished style, this is a wine characterised by its sophistication, the complexity of the soil in which it is grown and the scent and colour of the land. Its colour is a deep, intense and concentrated ruby red. It has scents of woodland with hints of violet, blackberry and cherry.


Spiced tones drawing on liquorice, myrtle, cinnamon or chocolate, mint and tobacco, depending on the year and the development in ripening; well balanced through a magnificent blend of tannins, acidity and wood, it has the promise of a young wine that ages well, transforming from such a sensual concentration into elegance.


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  • Italy
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