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Strekov 1075 Pinot Noir 2021

Year 2021 was dry and hot with cold nights, resulting in an excellent balance of 2021 Pinot noir. The grapes were harvested well ripened with high acidity and low PH. The tannins were ripen which provided good base both for fresh and deeper fruity notes.


Harvest: hand picked grapes on 13th of September 2021.
Fermentation: destemmed, not crushed, 14 days in open casks, soft peagage, without added additives, temperature control and pressing
Aging: 10 months in old 220 l barrels. Wine was never mechanically stressed.
Bottling: by gravitation without fining and filtration on 19th of July 2022.

Strekov 1075 Pinot Noir 2021

  • Slovakia

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