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Strekov 1075

You may not be as familiar to wines from Slovakia as to those from her neighbours such as Austria and Hungry, but she has a truly blooming natural wine scene by winemakers that you should not miss – one of them is Strekov 1075. The winery’s name notes the village (Strekov) they are located, and the year (1075) when this village had its first written notation in history.

Zsolt is welcoming, warm-hearted, and just genuine – going back to his roots, origins, the value of the land and nature, etc... so you can already imagine the wine he produces. 

With 12 hectares of vineyards featuring ponds and marshlands, it has a unique microclimate – the top layer of soil consists of clay-loam with high level of calcium, which lies above the marine sediments. Fermentation usually takes places in open topped barrels without sulphur nor intervention.

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