Strekov 1075

We’d like to share with you our latest addition, our first winery from Slovakia into our portfolio. You may not be as familiar to wines from Slovakia as to those from her neighbours such as Austria and Hungry, but she has a truly blooming natural wine scene by winemakers that you should not miss – one of them is Strekov 1075. The winery’s name notes the village (Strekov) they are located, and the year (1075) when this village had its first written notation in history
酒大師很高興能與你分享我們的最新酒款,亦是我們進口的第一家斯洛伐克酒莊。酒友們對斯洛伐克的葡萄酒的認識可能不如她的鄰國(如奧地利和匈牙利),但其實斯洛伐克在釀製自然酒方面可謂百花齊放,當中不容錯過的就是Strekov 1075。酒莊的名字取自他們所在的村莊(Strekov),而1075則是該村莊首次在歷史上被記載的年份(1075)。

On one of the coldest days in Hong Kong last month, we had a Whatsapp video call with Zsolt and Sára (his daughter) of Strekov 1075 – a typical method of communication nowadays. Zsolt is welcoming, warm-hearted, and just genuine – going back to his roots, origins, the value of the land and nature, etc... so you can already imagine the wine he produces.

在今年一月份我們與Strekov 1075的Zsolt和Sára(他的女兒)進行了Whatsapp視像通話,亦是疫情之下一種最典型的溝通方式。 Zsolt給我們的印象是一位熱情、友善、純樸的釀酒師。聊天之際我們談到了他的出身,他的家族,以及他對風土和自然的想法等……不難想像的是一位對風土和自然有堅持的釀酒師所釀製的酒必然不會差到那裡。

With 12 hectares of vineyards featuring ponds and marshlands, it has a unique microclimate – the top layer of soil consists of clay-loam with high level of calcium, which lies above the marine sediments. Fermentation usually takes places in open topped barrels without sulphur nor intervention. Watch Zsolt’s interview by the Terroir Squad:

Strekov 1075 擁有12公頃的葡萄園,當中有池塘亦有沼澤,並具有獨特的微氣候條件 - 它的土壤的頂層由含高鈣的粘土土壤組成,並位處於海洋沉積物之上。釀製方面,酒液的發酵通常在開放的橡木桶中進行,過程中不添加硫或其他人工添加劑。想更了解Strekov 1075的酒友們可觀看以上《Terroir Squad》對Zsolt的採訪。

Nigori 2018 (Welschriesling) – 300 bottles produced

The wine is cloudy because of the sediment. Unusual type of wine in which the sediment and the aging in new barrels highlights the terroir taste. It is advised to shake the wine before tasting.